Ilex Ra

The choice of a ram will impact a flock, good or ill, for years to come. We were fortunate to find exceptional genetics from quality-conscious breeders – we have also been fortunate that The Boys are living up to their pedigrees. Each ram at HolliBerri has been chosen to produce the great meat-and-fleece qualities which we so prize in our lambs. Now adding Dairy lines! We are proud to announce the following rare genetics in the HolliBerri Ram Pen: Lasi and As These great herdsires guarantee us many years of outcrossing for both our flock and the flocks of other Icelandic shepherds. Having said all that, let me introduce you to: ILEX RA LF 383W 4/16/2009 White horned twin Sire: No-Neck Nick (LF 279U) – AI Visirson; carries bloodlines from Hunn, Heli, Hynkill, Skjanni, Saddleback, and Solee X 2 Dam: Isabella (LF 215T) – Sjodur/Flotti Grand daughter; carries bloodlines from Horvi, Blessa, Saddleback, Solee, and Old Mori X 4 Birthday Five months By all rights, this boy should be listed back with the 2009 prospective flocksires, but he is so awesome that he deserves his own page right now! A combination of some of the best genetics to come out of Southram, this boy has beautiful fleece, wide-spread, heavy horns, thick bones, and the longest back I’ve ever seen on a young ram. He’s like getting the best of Ilex and Ash, with the Sjodur outcross thrown in for good measure. His first lambs have been long and muscular, with a good rate of gain and great parasite resistance. Ra’s breeding group for 2011 will include: Goldenrain, Cameo, Cinquefoil, Catbriar, Coralberry, Chynafir, Silky, Dewberry, Belle, Tupelo, Tamarix, and Flax. Update: Ra committed suicide by continually fighting with every mature ram in the ram pen – The Boys finally had enough and dropped the smack down on him. Ra was bred to some fabulous ewes, and we will be keeping quite a few of the daughters – may have some for sale as the season goes on. Check often! Contents Jester Seven months