The Legal-eeze

We have been enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Program since 2005, and though our status keeps changing (I’m NOT going to be told what I can and can’t buy), we have been religious in sending tissue samples to the lab, and 9 out of 9 results have been “not positive”. Our ID # is ILHBI. Our animals will have current vaccinations, be wormed, and have trimmed feet when they leave our farm, and we guarantee their health FOB. We will replace or refund the purchase price of any living animal that fails to produce an offspring by the age of 2 – weanlings are a crap shoot, so we can’t promise anything from them the first year. “Offspring” means anything that looks like a lamb, whether its alive or not – we can’t control what happens during the birthing process. Should an animal fail to produce, we will happily make an exchange – yes, we expect to get the defective product back, even if you prefer a refund. Delivery must be arranged. Weanling lambs will be registered in the buyer’s name on the CLRC website at time of purchase – mature animals will be sold with their pedigree, and transfer is the buyer’s responsibility.

Every day we make choices for good or bad, and my choice in promoting our breed has been to tell it like it is. I sometimes wonder if that’s the best policy, but you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you buy sheep from us. Our experiences with our flock have been life-changing and extremely rewarding, however we have been willing to learn how to be proper caretakers. We highly recommend that new shepherds (and even some old ones, if you’re new to Icelandics) study everything possible about these sheep, and be willing to ask questions if health or management concerns arise. Sounds like work, but then Icelandics aren’t for everybody, especially the casual shepherd. They are extremely hardy and will survive conditions that would easily kill commercial breeds – just remember that they come from a much different environment than the one we’ve introduced them to, and plan accordingly. We can’t guarantee that every animal will live to a ripe old age – stuff happens. What we can guarantee is that you will have an amazing experience associating with these lovely “people” if you take the time to learn the basics.