Julien’s Journal Comments and Questions

Dear Reader,

If you cruise our website at all, you will note that its very fragmented.  This is due to many things, some out of my control, and some that I could possibly control if I just learned how to navigate/manipulate WordPress.  I suffer a bit from the “old dog” syndrome – that, and I’m a very poor Time manager.  In any case, I’m going to tackle this project within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, please address any comments or questions that you might have for us on this page.  I promise to check it faithfully!  ALSO, if you’d like to meet us in person BEFORE the start of our Summer functions, you can find us every Saturday at the Dubuque Indoor Winter Market at the corner of 11th and Central (Colt’s Building) from 9:00 til noon.  Bring an appetite!  Thanx,

Holly Marks/HolliBerri Icelandics

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